Fast Caesar Pasta Salad

Fast Caesar Pasta Salad recipe


penne pasta,350g
cherry tomatoes, 250g, halved
prosciutto, 100g, grilled, broken into shards
baby rocket leaves, 2 cups, 75g
eggs, 4, hardboiled, peeled, quartered
red onion, 1 small, finely sliced
shaved parmesan, 1/3 cup
olive oil, ¼ cup
lemon juice, ¼ cup
anchovies, 4 fillets, chopped
red wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon
Worcestershire sauce, 1 tablespoon
Tabasco sauce, to taste

Preparation method

1. Cook pasta in a large saucepan of boiling salted water, following packet instructions. Drain well and allow to cool.

2. DRESSING: In a small food processor combine all ingredients, pulsing until smooth and creamy. Season to taste.

3. In large bowl, combine drained pasta with remaining ingredients. Drizzle with dressing and toss gently.

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